WTS 102 m sp subcap pilot

I am up for sale, pvp subcap pilot with minimal skills wasted, can fly most subcaps, with focus on common fleet doctrines. The character is born 2006.

1. Wallet balance.
wallet balance is positive

2. Kill rights
No kill rights

3. Jump clones
Have a training pod in highsec

4. Character location.
Character is in highsec

Bid starting at 60 bil buyout at 75 bil

I’ll use the character. Real offer of 61 Bil.

64 billions, first and final bid

65b bid for Imbali

70bil, isk is ready to go

Cecil Kincade ill accept your bid in 1 hour, if i don’t get an higher bid in the time, its yours.

Offering 75 Bil buyout for character Imbali.

Soji Asha Buyout Accepted send isk and account name to Imbali.

I’ve sent you an in game mail please reply to it and I will Immediately send you the isk and account info. Just want to make sure the isk goes to the right person. Thank you. First time doing this. :slight_smile:

I have replied :slight_smile:

75 bil Isk and account name sent.

Isk and account name received will start transfer as soon as the transfere service is available.

Character Transfer initiated

I can confirm my account shows the transfer in progress.


This character is sold, this thread can be closed.

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