WTS 32m SP Best Nyx + Hell pilot

(Gustaf Born) #1

WTS Best of the best (for 32m SP) Nyx + Hell pilot.


B/O 32 Bil

(Gustaf Born) #2

Bump !

(Phobic) #3

30b my offer

(Gustaf Born) #4

I accept your offer, send your ISK and Account.

(Phobic) #5

isk and acc name sent, start transfer please

(Gustaf Born) #6


(Phobic) #7

Why you don’t start transfer

(Gustaf Born) #8

Sorry for delay, i am waiting for answer to petition.

(Phobic) #9

please sent isk to me or start transfer now

(JARHEAD285) #10

Character sold? Can do 31

(Ausx) #13


(system) closed #14

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