WTS 34M Focused NYX pilot


Located in Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet
No killrights
No killboard history
Good corp history
2 Bonus remaps
750,000 Unallocated SP

-Noteworthy skills-
Max jump skills
Fighters 5
Heavy fighters 5

High-grade Slave Alpha
High-grade Slave Beta
High-grade Slave Gamma
High-grade Slave Delta
High-grade Slave Epsilon
High-grade Slave Omega

NYX police skin (permanent)

B/O 32b ONO

I offer 15b

30 bil isk ready

32 bid

Still for sale

Still for sale 32b B/O had no reply from taboya

Still for sale open to offers

Still for sale

Whether 32B is for sale

Still for sale and open to offers :slight_smile:

32 b buy out


Готов купить за 33b

The other guy hasn’t got back to me yet so i accept your offer send the isk to me and a mail with the account name you want it transferred to.

Money sent

received and started the transfer


  • I’m offering 28B. Save the new guy


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