WTS 32mln sp caldari pilot born in 2007

Jutta Horn Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

As in topic 32.3 mln sp born in 2007 (!)
1.6mln unalocated sp rdy for use

Good standing with khanid navy (effective around 9), set +4 implants,

Located in Palas
No Kill Rights
Positive Wallet
Neutral Sec status

B/o price 30bln

23bil, ISK ready o7

24B ISK ready

25 bil b/o o7

I’ll do your 30 billion ISK B/O if you can wait a few hours for me to biomass a placeholder toon.

ISK ready, just need a slot

Miss Stardust
That’s not a problem.
Waiting for isk and mail with data for transfer.
I will confirm recieving both of them.

ISK and account details sent

I’ve got the cash and data
Character send to g******_****

Have fun :smile:

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