WTS 33.4M SP Minmatar PVP Character - Good Name, No Major Losses on KB

WTS Ishukone and I can confirm the following:

  • Good name, links to EvE Online lore

  • NPC Corp

  • Positive Wallet

  • Positive Sec Status

  • No killrights

  • Located in HS upon transfer

  • Transfer cost covered by me and will be dealt with swiftly providing the asking amount is paid in full

  • Click Here for Skillboard

Killboard shows no major losses, few Gnosis ship losses due to tackling stronger ships and results as expected.

B/O is fixed at 30bil isk

20 bilions

Thanks to those who made offers in game.

I’m not normally watching this account for chat requests so I’ll apologise if I missed anyone. I’m normally watching over other active accounts sadly, so unlikely I’ll respond to in game chats (sorry).

26b bo

26.5 bill offer

27 bill

Sorry I’m in the EU TZ so missed your bid.

If you’re still interested please send 27bil and eve mail me your eve account name and I’ll proceed with the transfer o/

27.5 bil

Stephan, I need to accept 30seconds offer first, if his offer falls through then I’ll extend the 27bil offer of B/O to you providing you’re still interested (sorry)

thank you isk and account infor sent.

You didn’t even give me chance to counter wow you could have gotten more out of it

Isk received and will transfer as soon as I get home. Thanks for the fast payment o/

Edit, check your email. Character transfer underway and thank you again.

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