WTS 117 M ALL-ROUNDER: fly all supers, carriers, dreads, titan (avatara)

Capital Ships V
Minmatar BS V
Ready to fly supers carriers dreadnoughts of all races;
All Freighters and JF except Minmatar
Marauder: Vargur
Rorqual, Orca
all FAX ships
Black ops

Moved to Npc corp
Currently located in nul sec
2 Remaps available
Green wallet
no kill rights
1 Jump clone available

**Starting bid: 80 bil **
BO: 100 bil

Ready to buy right now for 65b isk

73 billions final offer


72 bil

B/O reduced to 80 bil

76b middle price between 72b and 80b, can trade within today

76 bil works for me so I’m accepting the bid. Please send isk and account name for transfer. Thanks!

76.5B ISK ready to send right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Sent you 76.5 billion to make the bid fair since it is updated to 76.5 b. Account name sent to you via in-game email.

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Isk and account name received.

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Transfer has been initiated.

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Damn was going to offer 80 haha

Much appreciated, character received. I like this char and will fly him with very good care.

81b for this pilot

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