WTS 102m SP Super/Cap/Rorqual Pilot

Positive Wallet, no Kill rights, no jump clones, Jita 4-4

B/O 80 bill

I would buy instantly for 50B if you’d like

Thank you for offer, but no rush to sell at such a price. Need closer to b/o range.

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How about 65B?

If you can get closer to middle 70’s that would work

All right , here is my final offer. 69Billion. also my favorite number. my isk is ready, if you accept it. i can do this right now.

Thank you for offer but not at the level I want to sell the char. I too like 69.

According to the transaction records in last three months, the transaction price of similar accounts is around 70B. If its a coulple Billion diffrents between my offer and your target, then we can diguss here. I have showed my sincerity in buying and I hope you will too.

Ok i’ve had a change of heart. If 69 is your lucky number then 69 billion will be the deal.

Give me account information ingame and isk and I will start character transfer. I’m Mountain Time Zone.

sure, lets do this.

ISK and account info sent,

Character Transfer website is offline, getting 500 error. I’ll recheck in a few hours once website is up to start transfer.


Character Transfer has been initiated!

You should get an update shortly.

Character received, thank you.

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