WTS 33,5M Industrial Toon JF/F/DST/CO V/Orca/Bowhead/Cap-Producer/Fleetbooster/Explorer

i want to sale one of my industrial toons.

open for sensible offers any fun offers will be ignored, I can start the transfer directly after ISK income

all rule apply!

in NPC Corp.
no killrights
Positive Wallet
Positive Security Status
Jump Clones +4 and +5
Caldari Navy 6.0 Standing
2x Bonus Remap
1x Normal Remap

Gurista Skins

Eveboard Link https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Madeleine_Giovanni#5a

20 bil

26 billion

@ Maizie Fields i will accept that offer. if you want you can send the ISK and the target account so i will start Transfer.

Thanks Madeleine, the ISK and account information have been sent!

Transfer Startet.

Transfer confirmed, thanks Madeleine

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