WTS 33.6 mil sp character

This is a great pilot specialized in science with 5 research agents in high security systems. This pilot can also do some production, trading, and hauling.

Location: high security system in NPC station
Wallet: positive
Bonus Remaps: 3
Active clone implants: Basic and a limited neural boost.
Kill rights: None
Jump clone: High security system

Skills preview:

21 Science skills trained for a total of 10,666,018 skillpoints
9 skills trained to level 5 for a total of 7,936,000 skillpoints

Spaceship command:
17 Spaceship Command skills trained for a total of 9,604,959 skillpoints
8 skills trained to level 5 for a total of 8,448,000 skillpoints

Resource Processing:
14 Resource Processing skills trained for a total of 3,961,175 skillpoints
5 skills trained to level 5 for a total of 3,328,000 skillpoints

EVESKillboard link: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Cha_Docebo

Starting bid: 30 billion isk

I will abide to the rules as stated in this post: Welcome to the Character Bazaar

Would you consider 27.5 bil ?

Yes, I will consider the 27.5 billion. But I’d like to wait and see if someone has a better offer.


Great character, I just don’t have the time to develop it further and hate to waste so much skillpoints.



Offer acknowledged

Send is complete, please check

This reply is to indicate that I have accepted the offer and the isk has been received. Transfer of character to account as per email will start as soon as possible.


From CCPgames:

Dear (account name),

You have chosen to transfer the character Cha Docebo to the account named (as provided via EVE mail from buyer).

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

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