SOLD - WTS 48M SP Amarr PVP Pilot

I am selling this character…


  • 15 Drone Skills with 9 trained to lvl 5
  • 9 Armor Skills trained to lvl 5
  • 20 Gunnery Skills with 14 trained to lvl 5
  • 20 Spaceship Command skills with 7 trained to lvl 5
  • Full set of High-grade Implants
  • In an NPC Corp and in Highsec Space
  • Will have a positive wallet of 1m isk when transfered

For full details click the following link

This will be a 3 day auction starting at 15 Billion isk.

Buyout of 30 Billion isk

Reply to this post only with offers (NOT INGAME)

30B B/O

Sold, 30 Billion.

Please send isk to this character and I will start the transfer process.

Isk and account info sent

Transfer complete.

CCP mail received. Thanks!

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