WTS 33.7M SP HEL PILOT JDC 5 Fighters 5 32B/O or OBO

(Teemolol Yordle) #1

Taking all offers
Hel Pilot
All Shield Comps LEVEL 5
Fighters 5 / JDC 5 / Cyber 5
Positive Wallet
Located in Jita
No Kill Rights Was only used as a Hel Pilot ready to rock and roll can use burst projectors
Has Full Geno Clone w/ nagivation implants image

32 B/O im online all day so i will start transfer immediately I will use Plex as transfer method cuase im a poor

(Queen Currency) #2

32b isk bo offered

(Teemolol Yordle) #3

accepted send ingame mail and i will get started right now account info and isk

(Avallah) #4

33 bil

(Queen Currency) #5

convo you in game

(Queen Currency) #6

isk and account info sent

(Teemolol Yordle) #7

isk has been recieved and account info recieved starting transfer now

(Teemolol Yordle) #8

Transfer has been started thank you for your business

(Queen Currency) #9

Done with plex or money, haven’t recieved the email yet