WTS 33.7m SP - Min Dread V

Wallet balance: positive

Kills rights: none

Jumps clones:

Char info:

  • Location: High sec - Jita - Station
  • 1 remap + 2 bonus available
  • 235k unallocated SP
  • sec status -1.0

22 B offer

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23B Off

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Will take highest offer on Saturday

Bump !!!

30B b/o

25bil - offer

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Can you do 27B? If so can transfer money and I’ll start the transfer

27 Bill. If you accept i send ISK.

27.5 bil

28.0 b

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OK offer accepted can send isk

will start transfer once fund received

Isk send to the transfer char. Details for account sent ingame via mail

Roger, proceeding now!

Character transfer started. Enjoy your new home Lilith! Cheers Spitzhacke

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