WTS 33M Rorqual / Titan Builder / JF (Anshar) Pilot (JDC5, JFC5, JF5, GF5)

I’m for sale, 32B buyout. I come with a full set of +5’s. In Jita at the moment, positive wallet, 0.0 security status (untouched) and no jump clones. 4 Remaps, 1 + 3 bonus. No kill rights.


  • Gallente Freighter 5
  • Jump Freighters 5
  • Transport Ships 5
  • Gallente Industrial 5
  • Mining Barge 5
  • Reprocessing / Reprocessing Efficiency 5
  • Cybernetics 5
  • Mining Foreman 5
  • Capital Ship Production 5
  • Drones 5

Need a handy alt to help you move all of your stuff around? If so, buy me! I’ll pay transfer fee.

Daily bump. Still looking for a warm home with good food.

Bump. Edited the title to reflect more of the characters abilities. Excellent industrial pilot up fro grabs.

25 bill

Thanks for the bid, a little too close to the biomass for injectors price. Let’s keep it going. Drone skills are in queue.

will you take 28B?

I’d be more interested in the 30’s, are you able to do more?

Daily bump. Price reduced!

29B Offer

This is accepted at 29B. The buyer has been afk for ~5 days. First person to send me 29B and an evemail with account information gets this toon.

Accpeted @Murderer_Bonkure, beats sending him to the extraction farm I suppose. Let’s do this. Send the ISK to this character and an in-game mail with the account name to send it.


Still up for grabs, 29B buyout! Let’s move this toon!

30 B/O

@Lonzoppina sold. Send ISK and eve mail with account information.

already bought another sorry

Thanks, all this character is still available. Let’s move him!

Daily hit, let’s make a sale!

i can do 20 bil

Retracting 21B offer. If you change your mind evemail me.

21.5B offer

29 B/O