WTS 33Mil SP Capital JDC 5, JDO 5 (Dread/Titan)

Ready to train into capitals (Amarr is ready now). Dread/Titan focused, but are pretty close to other caps.

No wasted SP.
JDC 5, JDO 5, ASC 5,


SP 33,384,070
6 Mil into Spaceship Command
5 Mil into Armor
3 Mil into Shields
4.5 Mil into Engineering
8.3 Mil into Gunnery
5.3 Mil into Navigation

Main clone docked in High Sec, +3 attributes slot 1-2-3-4 implants
Remap Available Now with bonus 2!!!

Born in 2012
Positive balance
No kill rights / no bounties
Empty kill/loss history
Security Status -0.1
Positive Triglavian and EDENCOM standings

Starting bid: 20 Bil
Buy out: 30Bil
Increments of 1b

I will take it for 30b

Ok I’ll accept the offer


ISK and account deets sent

isk received and sent to main.

Character transfered

Another happy customer :smiley:

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