WTS 34.4m SP toon PVE/PVP/Mining

WTS 34.4m SP toon

-2 remaps available
-+5 Implant - Improved active
-+3 Implant - jump clone available
-Positive wallet
-Positive Sec Status
-No kill rights
-Fresh default corp (toon never joined any corp and no combat log)
-Parked close to Amarr empire.
-All CCP Rules Apply.
-All career missions completed.
-I’ll pay transfer fee.
-ISK goes to this character.

Any reasonable offer could be accepted.

20 bill

20.5 B

21 bill

considering Gina in 4h

ready to send to Gina once isk received to this toon.
Thanks in advance.

@Agustria isk and account info sent

I see the char inbound to my account. Thanks.

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