WTS 89M SP Toon

Selling myself

All 5 Gunnery support skills
T2 Large Projectiles & Energy Turrets
T2 Medium Projectiles
T2 Small hybrid, projectiles, energy turrets
All Minnie Subcap skills to 5
ton of other good stuff

Positive sec status, located in npc station in hs, no killrights, in NPC station

Starting bid: 63b
B/O: 70b

60Bil- instantly B/O

too low sorry

63 bil BO

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65 bil b/o

66 bil BO

67 bil

70 bil BO. Please confirm, I ll send you transfer details + ISK

71 bil b/o

how many Billions of ISK u got xd
i keep finding you on literally every character ads bidding the highest

He is like you, skinning toons for isk, proly w/ a bigger wallet too

Is it still for sale?

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