Wts 34.7m Sp

Nothing special, however she is a ready pvp/pve character.


3 Remaps
908,546 unallocated sp
2011 character
Great name

Thus would be a shame if extracted, but Im looking to move in another direction in EVE. Selling her will help.
No rush so please dont lowball me.

Retracted, I decided to go with something else

Thanks for the offer. She has been my fav character for a while. I’m going to see what other offers come in, but nice first one.

29BIL,I will keep her dangerous over 90%

Thanks for the offer. Im going to let it run another 24ish hours. If nothing else she is yours.

30 Billion ISK for this one. Can have ISK ready with 24 hours.


31 billion
24 hours I offer

This one of few characters I think not want to extracting If i buy
Sorry for bad english

Drizzer has not answered me. I will give him till morning. If no answer, Blenda goes to you sir if you still want her.

If it isnt sold yet i offer 32 Bil

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