WTS 35m SP astero pilot

Pretty focused pilot, 98 days from mastery V, mostly racial drones missing.

Spit shine armor, scanning, navigation, shields, …
Includes some injected skill(books) from a previous extract.
Also comes with a mid virtue set + Blackglass & others. Don’t ask me about the other clone, previous owner did it.

75k SP unallocated and 2 bonus remaps left if that matters.


Positive wallet, positive sec, no KR, clones in HS, toon in HS.

21 bil.

Hi, I’d like to offer 22b. 24h’s max.



Still for sale

23B offer

24b good for the next 7 days.


25 bil

26 bil

27 bil


28 bill

29 bil

29.5 bil

30 bil

31 Bil

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