WTS 35m SP astero pilot

(Ginette Orti) #1

Pretty focused pilot, 98 days from mastery V, mostly racial drones missing.

Spit shine armor, scanning, navigation, shields, …
Includes some injected skill(books) from a previous extract.
Also comes with a mid virtue set + Blackglass & others. Don’t ask me about the other clone, previous owner did it.

75k SP unallocated and 2 bonus remaps left if that matters.


Positive wallet, positive sec, no KR, clones in HS, toon in HS.

(Asuka Azuna) #2

21 bil.

(Boosterjunkie) #3

Hi, I’d like to offer 22b. 24h’s max.

(Ginette Orti) #4


(Ginette Orti) #5