WTS 180 mil sp pilot

Hi all,

Looking to sell my toon that hasnt been in use really for a number of years

Mainly subcap skills along with r&d and mining upto orca, but pvp skills subcap for 4 main races are very good, stopped playing since trigs so these not really learned.

Primed to go capital and would be a very good cap pilot as all core skills pretty much 5. Just never really had the isk to go in to caps so never trained them.

Here is the skill list:

Many thanks for reading

Biscuits out o7

Hi Mate,

I offer 95B cash ready.

I have a few offers out at the moment looking for a new main and will buy the first one to get back to me.

Lieutenant Biscuits 100B

Thanks for the offers guys, let me wake up with a coffee and consider them :slight_smile:

I will do 105, but I am afraid that would be me pretty much tapped out.

though you can rest easy knowing I won’t turn Mr biscuits into skill juice like WTB will.


Bumpety bump


I offer 90B cash ready.

91 b b/o

92 b b/o

93 b b/o

94B offer

95 b :slight_smile:

Where can you see that ?

Hi ,i want to buy your character . i bid 102b :grinning:

105B offer

106B offer

Is the seller still there? He’s not active