WTS 36M SP+1.3M Unallocated SP aid CHAR

Highlights: Interceptors V, Interdictors IV, Covert Ops IV, Cynosural Field Theory V
zkillboard perfect 90% Danger Felhunter | Character | zKillboard

  1. Wallet balance: 0 ISK
  2. Kill rights: none
  3. Jump clones: char alredey use +5 all sit
  4. Character location: 0.0 sec OSY-UD NPC spacestion
    ps: char already in npc corp, esi data lag
    Starting price 20B
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20B offer

24B offer


25.5 Bil



27 bil

27.5b b/bo


35B buyout price i can pay transfer fee
Transfer char to you within 1 hour

28bil is my highest price,thanks

You’re paying the transfer fee regardless what someone offers to pay for the character

got it, this my first time trade char.

30b offer

sorry,i retracted my offer

30B buyout

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