WTS 36m SP Amarr Titan Pilot (Titan skillbook to still to train) 60b B/O


Has around 600m of implants
Has pos wallet
Char is in NPC corp
40b B/O

Password is 1234 i just found out

Wow only 60b…

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Pilot needs to be in an NPC corp and post here confirming the sale.

Also the extraction value of that character is ~20bil at current prices, 60bil is way too high.

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thanks. I have updated the post

You also need to comment on this forum post as the character being sold

Hello, I am the char being sold.

Bump up

Extract value is 20b as said .I can offer you maximum 25b ,I need to train doomsday rapid firing and other skills a lot too.Isk ready.I will send you account info and İsk when you reply me.(give me a name for sending isk too) .
Edit:OFFER RETRACTED.There is no response ,sorry.

Hey Temerrut. Sorry for the late reply.

25 slightly too low for me I need something above 30b.

thank you for you’re offer, fly safe


You may relist the character for sale once all Character Bazaar rules are met. Thank you.