WTS 37 mil sp Raven/Mining Barge Pilot -

1. Wallet balance.
Positive wallet balance - 4 mil isk.

2. Kill rights
No kill rigths.

3. Jump clones
x2 jump clones with no implants in Amarr VIII (1.0) and Jarshitsan VIII (0.6).

4. Character location.
Character is docked in the Emperor Family Academy station in Amarr System (1.0).

Character info:

18b offer too expensive to reinject

25b offer

26.5b BO price if anyone’s interested thanks.

ok,26.5bo offer

Thanks XiaoBaill let’s do the transfer after the downtime.


Hi XiaoBaill the server seems to be up, please proceed with the wiring and let me know which account to transfer the character to thanks.

I’ll confirm the wiring in game then transfer the character via EVE.

ok,I’ll send it right away

isk and account has send

Confirmed thank you very much. Please give me 5 minutes to pay for the transfer via EVE.


Please transfer to this account