WTS 37M NICE Naglfar/Leviathan pilot

1 - No killrights
2 - Positive wallet
3 - NPC corp
4 - Location Jita

Unallocated SP:195862

T2 Turret T2 Siege

Doomsday Operation IV
Doomsday Rapid Firing IV

Start bid: 40b
B/O: 50b

transfer will be paid with plex

36b is my offer. Check ingame please.


37b isk ready

daily bump

38B isk ,ありがとう

Thanks for the bids, looking for more

40 Bils

This character will continue to sell until Aug 17. thx for bump!

42B isk


I agree to your offer

which character should i contact with in game?

miku ac this is my main character but now I’m working. could you wait few hours?

No problem.

thx see you later

I’m online. You can contact me anytime.

I’m sorry to have kept you waiting so long. I just got off work.

isk received,transfer stared

GM reply,transfer begin.