WTS 37M SP A FAX pilot

(Wang Colonel) #1

in npc corp and ready for transfer, with positive wallet, positive sec status and in (highsec).

37M SP
have 2.8M unallocate skill point

T2 Triage Module
Amarr Carrier V

Drone Avionics V
Drone Interfacing V
Drone Navigation V
Drone Sharpshooting V
Drone Durability IV

Amarr Cruiser V
Caldari Cruiser V
Gallente Cruiser V
Heavy Drone Operation V
(you can drive VNI or YST earn isk if there is not safe)

start bid 40b B/O 50b

(Wang Colonel) #2

update skill link。

(Asea Arannion) #3

Only 34,239,206 SP

You do not add unallocated SP to this number, it is already counted.

(Rheiweth Niminen) #4

40B offered

(Wang Colonel) #5

NO, Unallocated SP 2,802,691 already in this character. its value 7 large skill inject.

(Wang Colonel) #6

you can use Unallocated SP 2,802,691 with C FAX skill,only 20 days you can drive Battle configuration C FAX.No use skill you can Pull out sell for ISK.

(Qin General) #7

any more bid?this man is a good one.

(Wang Colonel) #8

no enought bid,sell cancle.