WTS 38.3M SP Good Gunnery and drones (sold)

Selling this alt pass:nyx
Instant BO set at 30B

Located in HS
isk wallet 0 isk
No killrights
Seller pays transfer fee
Just put him in NPC corp. Will be shown within an hour on eveboard.

Bidding starts at 22B isk.

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Goodmorning capsuleers


Thnx for starting bid


Confirming sale of this toon for 28b isk
Acc. name recieved ingame.

Will sent char after diner aproxx. 1.5 hours

ISKs sent. Thank You.

isk confirmed on account.
sending char, loggin to to initiate.

Thnx for doin business.

edit: Character Name: Rzewuss

Will be completed after: 1/13/2021 4:59:55 AM

Character received. Thank You one more time. You can mark this auction as sold/closed. .o/

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