WTS 38.4mill Focused Revelation/Apostle/Rorqual Pilot


Located in Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet Balance
No Active Kill Rights
50K Free SP
2 Remaps Available
Transfer will be conducted by Plex

Starting Bid: 35b

30b online now

33 Bbil

35bill offer valid 4 hours

35,5 bil


37 bil

38B deal

40 bil

If there are no further bids, I will sell this character to thelegender.

Ready to buy if you accept my offer

If you funding the transfer with card I’l bid 41B

41,5 bil

Closing the bidding at 02:00 Eve time.

great i think auction clossed Let me know when I can go ahead and send isk and account info. I’m online at 18:00 eve time again

I have accepted thelegender’s bid, and am awaiting isk and account info.

isk and account information has been send.

Isk and information received and accepted. Petition submitted for transfer.

receive the character thank you very much .

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