WTS 38 Mil SP Character

(Lis Aivo) #1

WTS this toon. Required information is provided in link below. If you have any questions please ask here. Thank you.


Starting bid: 15 bil
Current bid: -

(sukeluo Tsurpalen) #2


(Dock Holder) #3


(Alphaeleven Ishikela) #4

25b b/o

(sukeluo Tsurpalen) #5


(Vulgus Carovigra) #6

27 bil

(Lis Aivo) #7

Thanks for offers

highest bid: 27 bil by Vulgus Carovigra

(Ding Dong Zero) #8


(Mdm Curie) #9

29 bill

(Lis Aivo) #10

Highest Bid : 29 bil by “Mdm Cruie”

Thanks for offers again. I will wait for 1 more day. If no one out bids Mdm Curie until tomorrow, character will transfer to him/her.

(Mdm Curie) #11

Are you going to transfer with plex or with credit card ?
Plex transfer seems to be taking a very long time at the moment.

(Lis Aivo) #12

I will pay transfer fee with plex. My friend just did with this method and didnt take any longer than usual. Might just be random maybe ?

(Lis Aivo) #13

Ok seems like Mdm Curie has won.
I will start transfering procedure as soon as you send money this character.

(Mdm Curie) #14

ISK and account information sent

(Lis Aivo) #15

ISK and info mail is recieved confirm.
Initiating transfer, auction is closed. Thank you everyone.

(Mdm Curie) #16

Toon received. Thank you.

(system) closed #17

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