WTS 38 Mil SP Character

WTS this toon. Required information is provided in link below. If you have any questions please ask here. Thank you.


Starting bid: 15 bil
Current bid: -



25b b/o


27 bil

Thanks for offers

highest bid: 27 bil by Vulgus Carovigra


29 bill

Highest Bid : 29 bil by “Mdm Cruie”

Thanks for offers again. I will wait for 1 more day. If no one out bids Mdm Curie until tomorrow, character will transfer to him/her.

Are you going to transfer with plex or with credit card ?
Plex transfer seems to be taking a very long time at the moment.

I will pay transfer fee with plex. My friend just did with this method and didnt take any longer than usual. Might just be random maybe ?

Ok seems like Mdm Curie has won.
I will start transfering procedure as soon as you send money this character.

ISK and account information sent

ISK and info mail is recieved confirm.
Initiating transfer, auction is closed. Thank you everyone.

Toon received. Thank you.

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