WTS - 39 Mil Sp Minmatar Pilot (Nice Naglfar Skills )

You dont get email authentication for that mate , its a waiting game … takes a day or two .

There’s a 10 hr waiting period.

not when doing it through support ticket .

It’s been 1 days.,,

He opend a suppor ticket, if u accept this transfer method u have to wait 1-5 days to recive the Charr depends on how fast the Support reach his ticket.

Okay, as long as it’s not cheating.

think it isnt, if u dont recive the Charr in a time of 7 Days you can open a Support ticket to get ur Isk back, so no risk for you.
but he cant get a faster response from the support ticket.

so thats the normale way for a transfer with Plex.

OK, thank you for your explanation, I will continue to wait!

I’m glad to cooperate with you!!!

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