WTS 3x VNI pilots 9.7m, 9.8m, 12m sp


I will pay transfer
Positive Wallet
No Killrights
In NPC Corp
No assets
2 Bonus Remaps
Located in High Sec

Starting bids:

MrRenly 10B
MrGuts 10B
MrRikerz 12B

Confirm that I am for sale.

Confirm that I am for sale.


alright i will start you off with the 32b for all 3.

If no bids in 24 hrs, will close it and accept Theodred.

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Theodred, if you still want the toons please send me in game mail with your acct name along with the isk. Thx.

@MrRenly ISK and Acct info sent for the toons. Please confirm receipt and transfer starting.

Received and sent all 3 transfer petitions. Will update once transfers are started. Thanks!

3x transfers completed ty.

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