WTS 6.3m+ VNI trained pilot

(Quinn Tellan) #1

Quinn Tellan is for sale to the highest bidder.

Trained into PvE and can fly a T2 VNI with 6.39m SP.


Located in High Sec (Amarr)
Zero wallet
Security Status 0.1
No Kill Rights
+3 Implants
+2 Bonus Remaps

4Bill starting price please.

(Quinn Tellan) #5

Thanks for the offer Hozumi. If we meet at 5.5b, I will consider the character sold and transfer once the ISK is received.

Is that ok?

(Quinn Tellan) #8

Character back up for sale. Willing to negotiate.

(Kiora Matu) #9

Bunch of skill points are all over the place in random skills so I am willing to offer 3b cash in hand, I just need to biomass an alt but will pay upfront right now if you agree.

(Quinn Tellan) #10

Sorry, that is too low.

Skill points ‘all over the place’ are mostly the starting skills (e.g. Mining 3). This character has trained towards VNI ratting for the most part.

Looking for higher bids please.

(D0uble Tr0uble) #11

4bil b/o ready to buy now, let me know

(Quinn Tellan) #12

4.5bil and he is yours. I will start the transfer once ISK received.

(D0uble Tr0uble) #13

Deal. Will send ISK and account name in an hour or so. Not home atm.

(D0uble Tr0uble) #14

ISK and account name sent. Please let me know once the character transfer has been initiated.

Thank you!

(Quinn Tellan) #15

I will be home and able to start transfer between 7-8pm UK. Will send you a mail once started.

Thank you!

(Quinn Tellan) #16

Transfer in progress.

Will be completed after: 2/22/2018 3:59:12 AM

Nice doing business with you!

(D0uble Tr0uble) #17

Transfer completed. Everything appears in order. Smooth transaction.

Thanks again! o7

(system) #18

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