WTS 4.0m + 1.0m SP unallocated Exhumer Pilot


Exhumer IV

Transfer will by PLEX


3.5b Offer


5B B/O

are you buying only two exhumer accounts?

don’t you buy this account? :smiley:

I want both

theres total 3 accounts im selling, perhaps you want all three? or just the both two accounts not the third one

would you do discount for all 3?

i’m sry :smiley:

I will take all 3 then

isk should go to Quinzel Halre, Send me an evemail with your account name for all three character, please let me know which character should be sent to which account.

Do you accept my offer of 5B B/O on all 3?

ISK will be sent to each character that i am purchasing

ok ! ! !

Isk has been sent for all 3 and account info

i see :smiley: i’ll submit the ticket in as soon as possible.

whats is average time for ccp to initiate transfer through that method?

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