WTS 6.1m SP Exhumer Pilot + 550k Unallocated (6.65m total)

WTS an Exhumer alt


  • 550k un SP unallocated, bringing total SP to to 6.65m
  • +3 Implants
  • Positive Wallet
  • No Kill Rights
  • 3 Remaps, with 2 being Bonus and 1 being Yearly
  • In NPC corp
  • All other CCP rules will be complied with

Accepting offers over 3b, b/o 5b


Whoops - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Chillcore

i will start you with 3b

5b b/o i´ll take it

Thanks Sabine, accepted please send ISK and account name through

5bil and information data sent to Chillcore…

Thanks in Advance


Hi Sabine,

Thanks for sending the ISK through, I’ve started the process -


26 Oct 2018 21:05

EVE Character transfer

Payment Method

MasterCard *

Account Information


thx o/

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