WTS 4.3m SP Mining alt


Skill points: 4.357.190(490794 unallocated) Unallocated not being shown correctly in new skillboard. https://i.imgur.com/1Zo8vKT.png

  1. Wallet balance: 500 ISK
  2. Kill rights: None
  3. Jump clones: None
  4. Character location: Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
  5. Positive sec status, 2+1 remaps

Mining Frigate 5
Expedition Frigates 5
Ice Harvesting 5
Mining Barge 10 days left on lvl 5

All CCP rules apply, i will pay transfer fee.

B/O 4.5b

1.5B offer

So How many SP your character have now ? TOTAL SP = UNallocated(not yet applied) + SP applied to char. According to your words you have 3 700 000 + 4 300 000 SP ? Isnt it ? Please help to understend.
sorry 4 disturbing

Total SP is 4.35mill as stated above, 490k of which is unallocated.

Edit: I don’t know where the inconsistency is with the skillboard and the game client. The game client is showing 4.379.700 skill points.

Monday when I hope I will sell my character and place will become free then i will offer 2 bill (but not today)

Now Your skills shows correctly

Total Skillpoints: 3,766,678
Unallocated Skillpoints: 490,794
Total Skillpoints: 4,257,472

Im assuming its something on CCPs ESI pull when creating a skillboard that unallocated SP isnt appearing. But after refreshing it now shows.

I can offer 2.2B if u can trade today. Isk ready.

2.5 offered

Retracted as Par0dy has yet to respond.

3B Deal Now

Accepted, please send isk and account name to transfer to to this toon.

isk sent with account name please confirm

ISK and account name received, transfer initiated.

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