WTS - 4.7m SP Alpha - Caldari Pilot (SOLD)

Monoccular Manheim
Eveboard Passcode: 1234

Character has positive wallet,
No kill rights
Toon Located in highsec close to Jita,
No Jump Clones
2 Remaps Available
Good Standings

All Alpha Skills trained and maxed for Alpha-class toon except:
* Gas Harvesting
* Distribution Connections
* Mining Connections
* Security Connections

I will receive the ISK and pay the transfer fee in accordance with CCP rules.

Starting Bid: 4 billion ISK
Bid Length: 7 days or 12 hours after final bid, whichever comes last - Max 10 days.

I reserve the right not to sell this character should the minimum not be met.

4b B/O

I’ll accept a 4.5b B/O

Isk and info sent

Money received - Transfer initiated.