[[Sold]] Frigate PVP 6.33 M SP Amarr Alpha Toon

  1. Character Type: Alpha
  2. EVESkillBoard profile: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Haquim_Shardani
  3. Zkillboard Profile: https://zkillboard.com/character/2113436283/
  4. Security Status: 1.78
  5. Kill Rights: none
  6. Bonus Remaps Available: 2
  7. Wallet Balance: Positive
  8. Loyalty Points Balance: 10,675
  9. Current Location: Jita IV – Moon 4 – Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
  10. Home Station: Emrayur III – Moon 1 – Royal Amarr Institute School
  11. Jump Clones: none installed
  12. Total Skill Points: 6,338,356 points (211,927 unallocated points)
  13. Skills at Level 5: CPU Management, Energy Grid Upgrades, Power Grid Management, Weapon Upgrades, Hull Upgrades, Repair Systems, Gunnery, Small Energy Turret, Drones
  14. Implants: Limited Ocular Filter, Limited Social Adaptation Chip, Inherent Implants ‘Squire’ Power Grid Management EG-601

Created and designed the character to do PVP while main does PVE. Ended up doing PVE instead.

Price: 4.5 Billion ISK

Will Pay Transfer Fees. Responses may not be immediate due to time zone differences.

Please buy me

PER EVE BAZAAR RULES!!! you cannot sell a alpha pilot all pilots for sale must be an OMEGA i will be flagging your sale I hope you follow the rules in the future

I did not find that written in the rules that I read, so not sure what you are talking about. Can you please share references?

As long as you pay the $20 transfer fee, it doesn’t matter if the account is alpha or omega. You can transfer characters on alpha accounts to omega accounts, and vice versa


Rules does not state anywhere that only Omegas can be sold.


dude, if you are gonna tell someone to follow the rules on the bazaar, at least know the rules before you try that lol…

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I will offer 3 billion isk.

Thanks for the offer, but it does not meet minimum. Consider increasing a bil… sorry … a bit ? :wink:

I can go 3.25 bil

Thanks for the offer, but I am looking for something around 4 - 4.5 Bil.

Still for sale :slight_smile:

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Bumpty Dumpty

For Sale

4b isk

Done. Please transfer isk & send details on in game mail and I will initiate transfer.

I’ll be online shortly to send them.

Sure. Please confirm once done :slight_smile: