WTS 8.8m SP Perfect Alpha Amarr pilot

Hello, guys
I’m lookig to sell my pilot - he is alpha with perfect skills in such areas:

  • amarr spaceship command from frigates till battleships
  • weapons: gunnery and drones
  • armor, shield
  • engineering, electronics, navigation, scanning and targeting
  • social, neurals
  • science, rigging, production, resource processing (mining/gas with venture)

you will nothing to train in Alpha status
good base for future focusing training in Omega status or skill extraction farming

post here or in game mail your offers
I’m not in a hurry but I will need him any more so ready to deal fast

  • All CCP rules accepted
  • ISKs balance is positive
  • NPC corp with no corp history
  • Clones all are in Amarr space (positive security status)
  • No kill rights
  • I’ll pay for transfer and so on

I offer 5.5B if you think that’s ok

I offer 6 bil , isk ready o7

Thank you for the offers, but even 6b will not cover the high cost of transfer, sorry
I’m looking for quite higher offers, do not need ISKs fast and ready to wait for right offer

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Thank you, returning to the market

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Are you still selling?I offer 6.5B