WTS 4 mil Amar Pilot


Pls make me a offer

Automatic API Update disabled, Reason: Login denied by account status.

Can you fix the eveboard?

let me truy

try making a brand new api key by using the suggested link they have on eveboard https://community.eveonline.com/support/api-key/CreatePredefined?accessMask=59645960


hope this time works

So to confirm does the toon have 4 million SP or 3.5 Million SP. Your post says 3.5 but the eve board link says 4?

I think the eveboard is correct, but he was unfamiliar with the transfer process and how much it was going to cost. So probably not going to go through imo

ok understandable it really isn’t worth selling anything under 5 mill sp

I would give 2b for this char cuz it just worth for able to fly some ships and not fucusing .
IF you want to sell it,
PM Icarus LI (both i in both ends) incase me foget.

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