WTS 4 purple pds fitted leviathan - 160b

wts levi + fit

fit: Evepraisal - Appraisal 10eajv: 13.72 Billion Buy / 20.16 Billion Sell

160b buyout pm Author50CO#5183 if interested




140b offer

Ty for your offer, not in a hurry to sell it 20b cheaper than a buyout. I’ll wait for better offers but thanks anyways.

Out of curiosity saw you offering 150b for rigged levi, are you just here to troll or legit looking to buy one… if you come closer to buyout ill sell it so keep up the good offers.

so 150 is still not enough bossman?

Give me 5 more and u have a deal.

withdrawing, you are too greedy


Lmao hows this greedy. u offered 150 to no fit rigged levi and I offered 155 for a levi with approx. 18b of fits. Anyways. Thanks for checking out.

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not my fault you are greedy…


Don’t mind him, he’s a reseller, not trying to get a fair deal. You’ll sell it to someone who actually needs it for a fair price

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Ty for kind words.

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how do you know that ? lemao

I mean. Now that I think of it, to your logic, i can sell a levi 150b WITHOUT the fit thats been linked which meets your offer on other thread. If thats what you want lol