WTS 4 Skillpoint Farms 4B/each

WTS 4 Skillpoint farms, i will use Moneytransfer so no delay for you to recive the Toon.

4 Billion Isk each,

The Toons are following;

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Hogs_Legion1 SOLD
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Hogs_Legion2 SOLD
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Hogs_Legion4 Sold

The Charrs got Positiv Wallet,
No Killright
No other Jumpclones
Positiv Security status
All Located in Jita 4-4
all now in NPC Corp

confirm im for sale

Confirm im for sale

Confirm im for sale

Confirm im for sale

Should have waited to post this then. Supposed to be in Npc for the whole process. Also need to disclose where they are all located

all done, named the Location and dropped the Corp right now

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Still for sale

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if they are 4 bill each 4x4 = 16bil why would u say all 4 for 18 bill ? js

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I will take 2 for 8bil

You are right sorry my Mistake, the 18 Bil was from the last Price i forgot to change that down to 16Bil
4Bil Each is the Correct Price

@Sabine_Peters okay send the 2 Charrs you prefer to buy the ISK and the Account Details, i start Transfer when im back from Work in about 9 hours.

ISK and information sent via Valette Renous…

thx in advance


2 Charrs ar in transfer you should recive the Mail from CCP.

Enjoy both toons, fly safe

2 charrs still for sale

Bump still 2 Charrs 4 sale.

Hi, I will buy Hogs Legion4 for 4bn please

Okay pls send isk and Account Informations

ISK and account info sent, Thank you!