WTS 40M - Miner/Indy pilot

Wallet Balance - positive balance
Character is member of NPC Corp - for the last 2500+ days
Kill Rights – The character has no kill rights
Jump Clone - High sec location of jump clones
Character Location High Sec - Tash-Murkon region - docked in station.
Positive Security Status
Neural Remap Available Now
Bonus Remaps Available: 2

Instant Customization - 100,000 unallocated Skill Points
Character not quite what you want – make it yours with some instant customization built in.

Good Drone, Shield, Engineering, and Gunnery skills.

Starting price - 27 B

B/O - 39 B

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24b Offer

Thanks for the offer, but would like to at least see 27. Good luck with your journey and fly safe!

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I’ll do 26b

Its close, but still looking for 27 at least. In no rush to sell, I just have not been active for a while, and figure someone else might have more time to fly around. Thank you for the offer, and fly safe!

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are you online to chat?

i can do 27b ??

Edit; sorry bought a different character
Offer retracted

I can be online if that will help, just let me know when would be best. I look forward to hearing from you and fly safe.

25b offer

Thank you for offer, going to see if I get one that is a bit higher. Good luck and fly safe!

26 b offer

Thank you for the offer. Really looking for about 27B, I think that’s fair, but if you want to discuss let me know. Thank you again for your time and looking, and fly safe.

Just the daily login and update. Still available, so if your looking for a pilot that brings a lot to the table and does not lock you into one aspect of Eve, I might be that guy. Any questions or anything let me know, and Fly Safe!


Sounds good for 29B, send me an in-game email with the information regarding the transfer and the Isk and I will get the transfer started right away. Any questions or anything let me know. Thank you and fly safe!

OK,i will send you isk and email in game,

send isk and email

Transfer has been completed. Thank you again, and fly safe!

Want to change title to Sold - but I don’t see an edit option to make the change. Character is sold and transfer and no longer available.

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