WTS 45M Skill Points character

The perfect missile pilot

Jumpclone - Jita
Killrights - No
Sec Status - Positive
Wallet - Clean

Remap Available

Starting Bid: 30 B
Buyout: 35 B

30 bil
Also you have to be in an NPC corp

Of courseļ¼ŒBefore the update No one else is yours

bump bump

Confirming acceptance of offer.
He is in NPC corp is ready for transfer.
Please send ISK and Account info.

I am still for sale! Buy today!

Again; 29.9b offer valid for 1 hour

Although the Character for Sale is now in an NPC corp - multiple posts within a 24 hour period is not permitted. This has been temporarly closed for 24 hours.


ISD Bahamut