WTS 41 M sp toon Drones/Navigation/Shields


Npc corp, wallet +, sec status 1, ccp rulles applied.

Start 30 bil
B/o 33 bil

30 bil

Accept it

31b b/o ready now

Good bid if you are ready we can do that deal now.

Are u transfering via plex or cc?

I prefer cc. I need isk not usd))

31b isk sent to tokkmar and acc info also. TY

Ok lets me login and check ill answer in game to you

Can u pls start transfer?

Hey mate, what happend?
I transfered isk to you and acc info also…
Can u pls start transfer?
If u didnt start transfer to morning I will contact CCP…

Can u pls return isk or start transfer?
I contacted CCP…

and another scam…

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