WTS 44 Million SP Leadership Character

(Sitent- -Killer) #1

Sitent - - Killer

  • Perfect Leadership

  • Proteus, Loki, Tengu

  • All T2 Links to V

  • Wing Command V, Fleet Command IV

  • High Grade Talon Implants

  • 768,000 unallocated skill points

All CCP rules and regulations to be followed

Starting Bid 30 bil, I decide when auction ends

Increments of 500mil

B/O Make me an offer over 30 bil!

(Panizia) #2


(Zoret Pappotte) #3


(Sitent- -Killer) #4

Thanks for the bids, I’ll leave it up for a couple of more days and the highest bidder will win.

(Patrick KNOLLER) #5


(Sitent- -Killer) #6

Zoret Pappotte is the highest bidder at 32 Bil. I’ll close it off within the next 3 days.

(Sitent- -Killer) #7

Auction ends within next 24 hours.

(Katanis Paaltomo) #8


(Sitent- -Killer) #9

Katanis Paaltomo at 32.5 Bil is the winner. Send the isk and your information and I’ll do the rest.

(Katanis Paaltomo) #10

Hi, will do so tomorrow morning

(Katanis Paaltomo) #11

Isk and account info sent

(Triganthus) #12

Transfer Character
We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.
Character Name: Sitent- -Killer
Will be completed after: 12/29/2017 9:48:22 PM

(system) #13

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