WTS 32m SP Character Missile focused character

As the title says, looking to sell myself Jimmy Skills

Has 8.1m sp in Missiles,
Can fly Tengu, Orthrus, Gila, makes for a good PVE Character, but can be taken in any direction you wish.

Has 3 remaps
is located in HS (in NPC corp)
will come with a positive wallet
all CCP requirements will be met
I will be paying the transfer fee and it will be by way of plex.

Opening Bids at 20b, anything less will be ignored, in rush to sell, if not sold character will be extracted.
Buyout offers will be considered

Good luck and thanks for reading.

23b b/o not valid long as I’m looking for a character sooner rather than later.

thanks but no, can extract for more than that

Bounce to the top

26bil here

Nice offer looking for a bit more, hopefully can get a sale done today.

Daily bump

Post with the character so we know you own it.


with which character are you referring

27 bil

27b sounds like we have a deal, will be on within the next hr, if you can send me a mail with the account you want it transferring to and the isk, i’ll start transfer when i get home

Bought another pilot

back up for sale then

24 bil

bounce to the top Red Lola current highest bidder at 26b (if still valid as not yet withdrawn), will close auction at 18:00 eve time today (when i get home from wok) if not sold will be extracted

No response from Red Lola, 15 mins til sale ends,

so did I win?

you were the highest bidder, but wont be selling for less than what i can extract for sorry

I don’t think you understand how “opening bids” work. You effectively auctioned an account, got a bid, and then retracted it once your base price was met.

Also, after buying the extractors, your total profit on this would be less than the 24B you’ve been offered even before you take tax into account, the time taken to sell the injectors and the mind numbing boredom of having to extract all the skills

Total Extractable SP 27,000,000
Total Extractors to Purchase 54
Jita Cost per Extractor 389,000,000.00
Total Cost for Extractors 21,006,000,000.00
JitaSell Price of Injector 820,000,000
Total Amount of Sales 44,280,000,000.00
Total Profit 23,274,000,000.00

Sure - you might turn around and sell the extracted husk, but look at the amount of those things for sale and not going to sale at the moment.

I’m sick of seeing this in Char Bazaar - don’t lie about your likely profit, and if you set a starting price, honor the bids.

Thanks for your input, the start bid was merely that, a place for bidding to start, wasnt a reserve price. As with most auctions, when bids are made, the idea, is to then increase bids, in this instance a bid of 26b was made, then 27b (although bidder then went a brought another character, their prerogative), then a bid of 24b is made, less than previous bids and the bidder wonders why their bid wasnt taken seriously/accepted.

maybe you hate seeing characters not sold for their true worth, much in the same way as i follow these forums and hate seeing people lowball, or as in this case, bid less than previous bids. hey ho, it is was it is.

Now you can either choose to make a bid before i finally get round to extracting the skills, or you can go and troll elsewhere.

i take him for the price agreed via ingame mail.

isk will be sent within 5 mins