WTS 45,8 mill toon, mission runner/explorer

  • Positive wallet
  • In NPC corp (though skillboard isn’t showing current info)
  • Good standing with several factions. Can do lvl 4 security missions for many, most notably Caldari Navy and SoE.
  • No killrights.
  • No clones, currently stationed at Jita.
  • I’ll pay transfer price.

Starting bid 30 billion.

30 billion

If no other offer is made in 12 hours, i’ll sell the toon to above offer.

I accept this offer. Send me the account name and ISK and i’ll transfer the toon in 24 hours.

Sorry, just saw this. Thank you. Agreed.
I am heading home from work and will send 30 billion ISK and account details shortly.

30 billion ISK and email with account name sent. Awaiting transfer. Thank you!

Character transferred. Please let me know if there is any problem.

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