WTS 45 mil sp Ragnarok/Nyx/Hel pilot

no killrights
positive wallet balance
located in high sec, has jump clone in PF- in Venal
Has the following skins: (jita prices)
Headhunter Hel - 2.5b-3b
Dos Rouvenor’s Bequest Nyx -2.5b-3b
Shakim Warlord Ragnarok - 5.5b
Got some extra Ragnarok skins but they are cheap: Justice, Glacial Drift and Exoplanets
Imgur: The magic of the Internet proof of skins

Starting bid 45B
Buyout 65B

HI can you fly T2 anti cap fighter? and titan brige?

You can see the skill sheet. It shows what can or cannot be flown

yes i do

The price is a bit unattractive. :smirk: :smirk:

bump, starting bid lowered.


I’ll start you at 45b

still on sale?

if still available,46B.

47bil offer

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