WTS 45m SP nyx Gallente Carrier 5

Remap available
Wallet balance positive
NPC Corp
No Jump clone available
No killrights
Character location is Cistuvaert (highsec)
Eros Blossom skin for NYX (Pink RARE one)

Fat enough offer might just be snap accepted :wink:

25 bil

Link doesnt seem to work

Would do 28 if you can fix ur skill link? Message me ingame

32 b buyout offer

Link doesnt work btw.

Topic reopened.

Hi Ninja, link is fixed sorry for the drama, please confirm your bid is still on the table, I am considering it right now.

33 bil offer

account is yours if no more bids for 8 hours

if there is no other bids in the next hour, its yours.

Offer accepted, deposit 33.5b and i will initiate the transfer.

edit: also include destination account

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FYI ive been trying to transfer the account for the past 3 hours but am getting an error 500 on the character transfer page.

finally got it to work

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dammit … was gonna offfer 34b

u made me wait for 8 hours… and gave him only one hour :frowning:

It was a “bidding closes in 8 hours” sorry for not being clear.

The character transfer we extremely buggy and took 3 hours of refreshing in order for me to finally have a functioning page.