WTS - 46m SP - Mining Fleet Booster - Clean History`

(Aleuris) #1

Aleuris is a 46 million SP fleet boosting alt with a clean history. Only used for PVE since 2010.

Starting Bid 30 Billion ISK.
Will pay character transfer fee.

Has +5 Training Implants Clone
Located in Jita
Positive wallet balance
Clean character


(Investor Joe) #2

35b buyout offer

(Aleuris) #3


I don’t know how the character transfer and ISK transfer works. Do you?

(Investor Joe) #4

i will send you 35b, and an evemail with the account name i want it transferred too.

the transfer option is in the account management under services

I will be sending the isk and account name now if that is ok with you?

(Aleuris) #5

Okay, sounds good. I appreciate the purchase.

(Investor Joe) #6

sent isk/acc name

(Aleuris) #7

oh crap, i have to stop the training queue. one minute

(Aleuris) #8

Character has been transferred.

(Aleuris) #9

Character SOLD.

(system) #10

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