WTS 46mil SP / Vargur V use all T2 / Nagelfar I use T2

Dont want this char.

Skills link doesn’t work
25b offer for now

Is Public now !

Alright, I’ll stick with 25

35b :slight_smile:

30bil buy out. isk in hand



isk/account info sent

ISK to 0lensia i read you ingame

no Dont transfer to 0lesia… OMG

Who transfers the payment to the char that is purchased and transferred ?
Now I had to write a ticket.
Btw. I hope that the payment again send, since they have sent you virtually itself.

How this typically works is, the buyer transfers isk to the char that is being sold, seller transfers to whatever char they want afterwards, but before transferring the actual char to the buyers account.

Yes, in that case I wanted to shorten your waiting time.
Okay then transfer ddie ISK if you have the char then on 0lensia please.

My mistake, sorry

I can do that as soon as i have the char. No worries

Check :slight_smile:

Wont cut waiting time. Either way its 10 hrs to wait for security reasons

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Transfer is completed !

Thank you for your understanding and purchase

------ ----- ----- ------- ---- ------ — CLOSED---- ---- ---- ----- ----- ----- ------ -----