WTS 46m SP (Spec: Caldari Dread, Marauder, Max PI) price reduced!

Unallocated SP 1,737,355 Skillpoints
Allocated SP 45,015,357 Skillpoints
Total SP 46,752,712 Skillpoints

  • 2011 Character
  • No Kill Rights
  • Jita
  • 0 isk
  • +5 Implant Set
  • +5.0 Lai Dai Corporation Standing

Specialized in:

  • Caldari Dreadnaught
  • Caldari Marauder
  • Missiles
  • Drones
  • Max PI skills
  • Production

Buyout 43b

@Leemeria Wallet Balance is also required to list here, please update.

Found another character so retracting offer

35BIL-ISK is ready





isk rdy


40b avaible 14h.
U are missing some vital skills like xl torpedo, torpede specialization 5, marauder 5, dreadnought 4 etc. Need 3 months to get this right.

thank you for your offer, but i think 43b is a fair price. You may have missed that this character has unallocated skillpoints ready to apply to any skill you wish to specialize further in.

I see you recently bid 42b on a 39m sp character which sold for 43b. My character has 6.5b isk more in skill points, and nearly 2m unallocated. More than enough skillpoints to respec into what you want.

42b for a turret base charakter i needed.
Ur argument sounds reasonable. So 42b might my last offer.
Best of luck!

42.5 – and its a deal. its worth it.

ur nutt kicking me OMG.
you owe me som enew ones!

u get ur m0ney. 10hours to kill one of mines. after that u can start transfer.
we stay in contact via eve mail.

best regards

Thank you! Talk to you later. Confirmed , I received 42.5b

Transfer service paid. o/

Thank u mate. I wish u all the luck in the world!

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